Are you ready for the next round?

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In both the Gents and Ladies Inter-Club the next rounds see the end of the grouped draws, so you might see some different teams in the draw for your next round.

Last Day of Play, Sunday 8th July

Is the date to remember for teams in Round 4 of the Gents Competition, and for Ladies in Round 3 of the competitions.

Remember, Rule 6.c applies for this Round; Each Away player awarded 1 (one) courtesy shot after taking full difference in Handicaps, (Rule is common to Gents & Ladies Competitions)

Submit your results promptly and as soon as your opponents are shown in the next round please make arrangements to play your match, remembering the home team has to offer at least 3 dates, one of which is a weekend.

Please remember course availability is at a premium at this time of year so help your host course by being flexible and responsive, use reserve players (check the rules on eligibility), and of course prioritise your team winning the competition!

Enjoy your next round!