2014 Final: Taskers Plate Match Report

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We all arrive early at Wollaton Golf Club for the Final of the Taskers Plate, excited by the experience and for making it all the way to the final.

Along the road to victory we encountered some tough opposition but all in all very friendly sportsmen in all the teams we played.
In the club house the order of play was exchanged between the Captains and passed onto the starter

Uttoxeter C v Lutterworth A
1. Andy Page v C Wormleighton
2. John Woodward v J Casper
3. Ollie Molloy v H McClean
4. Ken Storey v M Perry
5. Pete Slowikowski v A Scott
6. Wayne Moore v P Harbord
7. Maurice Brown v A Simmonds

Announced onto the tee first at the start of our competition against Lutterworth A for Uttoxeter C was Andy Page nerves jangling he managed to compose himself enough to get a good drive away, what a relief. One by one we follow experiencing the nerves as we are all welcomed onto the tee by the starter with the local rules explained to us.

Some of us play some excellent shots off the first tee (in front of an audience) some of us didn’t (mine went out OOB).
Going out 6th enabled me to see the first game out on the 9th green where I learned that Andy is down in the first game, its only the first game and still a lot of holes to play yet.

I pass the 2nd game going down the first, John is up in that one, time to concentrate on my own game now as there is little opportunity when you get started to find out how the other members of the team are doing.  As I make my way up the 14th after a drive straight down the middle some of the team show up and disclose how we are doing, we are 3 – 1 up with 3 games to conclude Pete was up in his game (5th game) and I am up in mine (6th), we were in a great position to accomplish the dream of winning the Plate.

As it transpired we win the 5th and the 6th and lose the 7th game giving us a winning total of 5 – 2. I have never witnessed smiles that bright and wide before on the faces of our team and supporters from the club before. P Harbord my opponent was a true gentleman and sportsman, it was a pleasure to enjoy the experience in such good company.

All in, match won and the one person missing from the team joins us having booked a weeks holiday away and arriving back into the country to late (1pm) to participate was Ant Leatherbarrow, pleased that we had won but gutted at missing the final.

We all have a few beers with the supporters and our club captain Mike Cleaver before getting changed for the meal and presentation of the trophy’s and funding to the appropriate county representatives for junior golf.

A great night was had by all and we at Uttoxeter would like to take the opportunity to thank Taskers for their continued support for the future of our game and for putting on an excellent day for all involved, we would also like to thank Wollaton Park Golf Club for their hospitality and for setting up a great test of golf and greens that were exceptionally testing for pace.

We would like to thank Lutterworth A, very worthy opponents great guys, it was a pleasure to enjoy the day with great company.
Thank you Taskers, we look forward to supporting junior golf again next year.

Uttoxeter C