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Trentham Park Golf Club, Staffordshire, are redefining the tee box and course, by promoting Gender Free Tees. BBC Radio Stoke visited recently to discuss the how the change was brought about.

Gareth Shaw, Staffordshire County Development Officer was interviewed, at Trentham Park (not to be confused with Trentham GC), alongside golfers discussing how removing gender classifications from the tee and focusing on ability can have a positive impact on the game on golf regardless of gender.

Listen here to the full interview starts around 2hrs 28min into the programme and available until April 24, 2015

The discussion highlights how the change was proposed by the seniors section who were finding some of their male members were sometimes struggling to compete from the back tees, and female players wanting to take the challenge of playing a longer and different course, and not be contained by the gender allocation of tees.

Staffs Golf Partnership Report

Personally, I think this is great news also for junior golf, as juniors often start their golfing journey from the front tees. Removing the gender label from them, removes any stereotypes, and allows juniors of any gender to aspire to play the course and game according to their ability.

Also worth noting that none of our competition rules mandate the length of course or tee position matches are to be played from – this is always an agreement between team captains on the courses available for play on the day.

Has your club introduced anything similar?

What impact do you see these changes bringing to the game?

Leave your thoughts and comments below…

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  1. Peter Bateman

    Well done Trentham Park. I have maintained, for a long time, that there should be equality on the tees! Golf is golf in my opinion. If only from the social aspect of accompanying your partner throughout Mixed fixtures, it will only hep. I offered this opinion to Todays Golfer about a year ago, they chose not to publish!

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