Competiton Update – Response to Government Announcement

As announced by the government today, 22nd February, we now know we can expect to be able to return to playing golf from the 29th March 2021. 

What we, the committee, will do next:

  1. Understand the revised restrictions and guidance as fully as possible. Including Government & England Golf Guidance as it is published.

  1. Formulate and produce a competition draw, including defining ‘last days of play’ for each round, which are compatible with the new restrictions. 

  1. Communicate to all team captains and club contacts about the draw, this will allow team captains to plan and arrange their first round matches to be played after the 29th March and before the last day of play for the round.

  1. Continually assess the impact of guidance as it changes or continues to be clarified and communicate as required. Including publication advice and any competition rulings about playing matches safely in line with guidance.

We will continually review government and England Golf Guidance. We feel comfortable that the competitions can work and be played within these parameters set out by the government.

The timeline for restarting golf gives us the confidence we can run the competition in 2021 close to the usual timescales for each round.

Our historic data from past competitions shows that in both competitions fewer than 10% of Round 1 matches were played during the month of March; For the Gents competition the majority were played in April by the mid-month ‘last day of play’, and the Ladies Round 1 played consistently throughout April & Early May by the ‘last day of play’.

We will be in touch with all team captains when we get to step 3 in what we plan to do next.

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