Supporting the continued development of Junior Golf in Staffordshire

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  • Staffordshire Ladies County Golf Association
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The funding, from the Taskers Trophy, will assist in the development of junior golf both at club and county level. By starting at a young age, it is hoped that juniors will develop a lifelong love of the sport and continue playing the game into their adult lives and to help grow the sport for all in the years to come.

Without the additional funding, especially in the current climate may struggle with providing juniors with the support and coaching they need.

Previous years Taskers Trophy has helped the county in many ways; We have won the Midlands North Trophy both at a team and individual level in some years (for example winning the Midlands North Trophy in 2019 and 2018). A vital part of this was having the coaches on-site to help with any technical issues during the events. Our Players have been selected for England Golf Training, with increased participation in junior golf at all levels, showing the sport is something that everyone can enjoy.

Our coaching has been done, historically, in conjunction with 3 Hammers Golf Academy under the watchful eye of Rob Bluck. This is still the plan for the coming season when it is safe to do so and in compliance with COVID 19 restrictions. There is also coaching for little ones in the winter months.

Our Junior County teams have historically done well both regional and national level. Some players have also been selected for England Golf training; Our Junior County team winning the Midlands North region trophy for consecutive years and players winning individual gross.
Selection for national golf coaching by England Golf and also increases in a number of junior golfers in the county.

The Taskers Trophy funding supports the continued development of junior golf throughout the county of Staffordshire. This will include the following (by way of example and not limited to) dedicated junior training sessions, friendly matches against other counties and participation in inter-county/national events.

We thank Taskers for their continued support.

Jayne Hutchings, Treasurer - Staffordshire Ladies County Golf Association

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