Extensive Coaching planned for Nottinghamshire Girls Golf

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Last years Taskers Trophy funding played a key role in our 2021 success; This year the scratch team won the Midlands 6 counties league competition The girls worked so hard to achieve a reduction in handicaps. They understood the rules and etiquette of the game They were able to socialise with their peers after their matches They understood that match play is a different game from their everyday Stableford and medal matches.

With this funding from the Taskers Trophy, all girls who wish to play golf in Nottinghamshire are able to access coaching. Your funding gives an opportunity to girls of any background to play and to meet others with an interest in golf. We will be able to provide extensive coaching from our Professional Richard Strange throughout the winter and into the new season.

This is how we plan to use the funding we have received in 2021

  • This will be delivered by our Professional Richard Strange
  • The understanding of rules
  • The mental attitude needed to control emotions and be successful
  • Essential etiquette to uphold the high standards of our games integrity
  • We will be able to encourage more juniors to play and enjoy the game of golf
  • We will be able to provide extra competitions for these girls

The majority of the theoretical coaching will be done throughout the winter months. This coaching would not be possible without your funding
Early Spring will see the on course development of rules, match play formats. Spring into Summer will be stroke development on the driving range and on-course coaching.

This funding will be measured by coaching outcomes;

  • To attain more success in the Inter County matches Both scratch and handicap
  • To have more girls confident in the rules
  • To have a better understanding of the mental attitude needed to be successful
  • To be more confident in delivering after golf speeches
  • For girls to have the confidence and ability to enjoy the game of golf

This Taskers Trophy funding helps our county objectives as the funding applied for to England golf can only be used for the development of the Under 14 girls and not the elite golfers which leaves a gap in our coaching ideals. We run a scratch and handicap team that need specialised coaching if they are to achieve their golfing potential.

Suzanne Taylor - Junior Coordinator NCLGA

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