Funding allows Leicestershire and Rutland Juniors to access golf for the first time

Last year’s Taskers Trophy funding was used to support coaching for U14s. As a result, we have one of our best U14s squads that we have had for a long while – with many being good enough to represent the County at U16s level and U18s level. The Leicestershire and Rutland U14s won the Midlands Championship this year and the future looks very bright for this team.

This year the funding will enable some juniors, who do not at the moment play golf, to access the sport for the first time on a fun basis. It will also provide an opportunity to other juniors, who might have played golf recreationally, to meet golf professionals and perhaps join a golf club. This will benefit junior girls and junior boys in Leicestershire and Rutland.

The aim is to have a Golf Open Day and invite local schools and colleges to take part. The fun event will be advertised widely and will be supported by the Leicestershire and Rutland Golf Union and local golf clubs and professionals. Everyone will be welcome to take part and juniors will be encouraged to bring their parents. It is hoped that the Open Day will be during Easter 2020 and will be at a golf club in Leicester near to a number of schools and colleges

Success will be measured by
– the number of junior participants overall
– the number of girls and the number of boys respectively
– the number of parents involved
– the amount of interest shown for further events, junior coaching lessons or those wishing to join local golf clubs
– the cultural mix
– the ability of the juniors taking part and whether they are new to the sport or have played before

The County Union normally concentrates on developing talent in order to bring golfers (including juniors) into its elite squads. So in encouraging “entry-level” participation, it is a new initiative for the County Union. It aims to introduce new juniors to the sport so that hopefully some will be interested enough to go on to join clubs, develop skills and become proficient.


David Dalby - Director of Finance - Leicestershire and Rutland Golf Union