Sheffield Union Juniors at the forefront of golf

The junior golfers in the Sheffield Union have in the last few years been at the forefront of golf with the emergence of Josh Berry, Ben Schmid, Alex Fitzpatrick and Sam Bairstow all being successful in major competitions and representing their country at all levels. Their dedication and hard work along with the knowledge of the coaching staff have shown how the correct use of funding can generate rewards, and Taskers Trophy Funding has benefited junior golf in the county.

The SUGC has always been supportive of Junior golf and the team and individual excellence will be greatly enhanced by any funding that is available, especially in the current climate where all associations are feeling the lack of available funding worrying.

Taskers Trophy funding will provide Team/individual and short course events (under 12’s) for all golfers both male and female are being staged (obviously not in the numbers as in previous years) with a view to progression within their own handicap and then progressing onwards as the handicap improves. COVID-19 has curtailed some events be we are still hopeful of finishing the season off on a high not

The emergence of young players, from the Sheffield Union, competing in County, Regional, National, International and World events has increased over the last few years and this can only be attributed to the availability of coaching and the provision of events to compete in. Sheffield Union has produced many juniors who have won major honours even competing at senior level ie The Brabazon.

The continued progress of players from Union to County to National/International recognition is a demonstration of how the Unions support in the development young and junior golfers fits into the counties objectives.Many Sheffield Union players are currently representing the county and are being selected for international recognition.


Paul Hardstaff - Junior Organiser/Union Honorary Treasurer - Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

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