Supporting Quality Junior Golf in Lincolnshire

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The funding from the Taskers Trophy will enable our county juniors to fulfil their potential within the golfing environment. They will represent our County against other counties and help our County promote junior golf. We endeavour to grow the game through our youngsters and they represent the future of golf in Lincolnshire. The golfers will have the skills and attribute not just to play good golf, but play it correctly.

The Taskers Trophy funding has contributed to producing quality young golfers that have gone on to gain scholarships in America and beyond. It has also allowed lots of younger players to reach their potential within the game while giving them life skills for the future. We find once the youngsters have been instructed through coaching sessions or clinics that they seem to be able to communicate and work with others in a more constructive way, and this will go with them through their golf and beyond.

Our county provides junior coaching through a structured programme delivered by PGA professionals through great facilities including Woodhall Spa and Kenwick Park, these funds will go towards the costs of providing this excellent opportunity to our juniors. The funding will only be spent on delivering instructional sessions to our youngsters.

We target improvement areas including putting, course management, driving and iron yardage tests. We will measure progress on an individual basis, tracking their progression to maximise their potential. We have regular assessment sessions that measure improvements and target potential areas of weakness. Our coaches are proficient at targeting the appropriate areas for each individual as our group sessions are with limited numbers thus allowing enough one-on-one time for individual caching.

We run annual coaching programmes that run from October through to March for elite and development groups, we also run improvement groups from March until summer every year.

As previously mentioned, plus we are aiming to achieve county honours within the next 5 years including individual top 5 placing within the midland area. We would hope to see some of our young golfers achieve national recognition and we would hope that our representative teams will also achieve some honours within 3 years at under 18 level.

Kevin Galjaard - Director of Junior Golf - Lincolnshire Golf

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