Inclusive Junior Development in Staffordshire

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The Taskers Trophy funding is crucial for the development of all our players, no matter what their ability. It gives them a chance to develop and learn through structured coaching, match support, and day-to-day golf development. This funding will also support with clothing and other golf equipment to make the player feel part of a team and ultimately Staffordshire Golf. The funding will also allow us to work with industry-leading coaches and specialists to further enhance our players development.

The funding from the Taskers Trophy has allowed us to continue our county pathway to performance and develop our players to an elite level. We have had a number of players such as Richard Mansell reach the top of the performance pyramid (DP World Tour) and that is down to the support from the funding that has been supplied. The funding also gives opportunities for players who are less fortunate than other players in the county, so the county is inclusive to all, no matter what your background is!

We run a county development program through all our age groups, the funding will allow us to structure the programme to suit the individual needs of the players. Giving them an opportunity to learn in a group environment, but also as individuals. We also work with industry-leading motivational speakers to provide monthly webinars for our players to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the game.

These are the measures we apply with our players to measure success and development:

  • Golf Data Lab: statistical analysis of a player’s game and how they are performing in all areas of the game
  • Skills Challenge: 3 times a year we will get the players together and test their skills in all areas of the game to see where they are
  • Competitions: Regional and National Level
  • Team Matches: Friendly or League

Within our county development plan, we have monthly meetings with our junior committee, where we review our objectives, and adjust and set objectives for the following month. At present we are working through our winter development plan, where we are looking at fitness, health and inspiration to keep our players interested and engaged throughout the winter.

We also get funding from England Golf for us under 14 pathways, this funding is development funding for players who are coming into the game with a new index. This funding gives the players an opportunity to engage with the county and also start their golf development journey, leading into our age-related squads.

Staffordshire Men, Juniors (age 18 and under) and Seniors (age 55 and over) have many opportunities to compete at the highest level in County, Regional and National events.

The Midland Golf Union runs an Order of Merit for each of the three age groups, based predominantly on scratch events in the Midland Region.

Additionally all ten Midland Counties take part in the England Golf County Qualifying Team event for each age group. The winning County going forward to represent the Midlands in the National County Championships, playing against the winners from the other three EG Regions (North, South-West, South-East).

The County Men’s First and Second teams play in the Daily Telegraph West Midland League. There are five inter-county league matches against. Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire & Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire There are two non-league matches against Leicester & Rutlandshire and North Wales, which act as pre-season warm-ups.

The County Juniors (age 18 and under) play in three age groups. U18 play in the West Midlands League against Derbyshire, Shropshire & Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire and the winners play a final against the winners of the East Midland League. The U18 group also play friendly matches against Leicestershire & Rutland and North Wales. The U16 group play in a West Midlands League against the same Counties as the U18 squad, and have a friendly against Cheshire. The U14 group play four friendly matches against Derbyshire, Shropshire & Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

The County Seniors (age 55 and over) play in the West Midland League. There are four inter-county league matches against Derbyshire, Shropshire & Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. The winners of the West play-off against the winners of the East (Cambs, Leics & Rutland, Lincs, Northants, Notts) for the Midland Seniors title. There are also eight non-league matches against other neighbouring Counties.

The County runs several Championships for each age group, including the main Individual age group Championships, with the winners progressing to the EG Champion of Champions weekend. There are varying events in other formats e.g. Foursomes, Fourball and Matchplay, with prizes for both Gross and Nett scores.

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