No limits to what can be achieved for Sheffield Junior Golf

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The junior golfers have shown that with dedication, hard work and the correct use of funding there are no limits to what can be achieved. The players who have excelled, Ben Schmidt (Brabazon Trophy, Carris Cup, Henry Cooper Masters), Josh Berry many successful tournaments in the UK and abroad, Alex Fitzpatrick who along with Ben played in this year’s US Amateur championship and many more shows the investment in our juniors is bringing success

The Sheffield Union of Golf clubs has always been a great supporter of junior golf through individual, team and mixed competitions and the furtherance of that will be greatly enhanced by any and all funding that is available. We have completed the initial stages of our collating of all players under eighteen at all levels so as to be able to provide worthwhile and competition golf at all levels

With Taskers Trophy funding we will promote individual, team and short course events for all golfers both male and female, within handicap range, with natural progression as the handicap improves. The provision of short course events for beginners has become a huge success with 11 events staged throughout the summer in collaboration with local coaches and courses.

The Sheffield Union has always prided itself on the development of young junior golfers and that success can be measured in the players who have come through and are continuing to come through to play at Union, County, National, International and professional level. We will be striving to continue that success in the next few years. The plan is always evolving and over the next 12 months we will be not only looking to continue our support for the already established players but encouraging the next generation to aspire to the same levels and achieve, if possible, even more.

The progression of players from Union to County and on to National and International recognition is a demonstration of how the young and junior golfers of the Sheffield Union fit into the county development objectives. We have seen players begin their progression at the union level and finish at the Ryder Cup which demonstrates our commitment to this objective.

Paul Hardstaff - Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

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