Healthy new generation of 20 youngsters in Leicestershire & Rutland

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We were delighted to receive your donation to use on girls’ development in the County this year.

It enabled us to take 12 girls to Woodhall Spa for a weekend in March with female Pro Katie Tebbett from Rothley Park GC where they experienced 2 mornings of skills coaching on the wonderful short game practice facility and played both the Bracken and Hotchin courses in the afternoons.

The whole experience added not only to the golf skills of our team players but also importantly their team bonding and knowledge of each other. Their skills have gone from strength to strength with all girls reducing their handicaps during the year. Their team spirit is a joy to behold – the mutual support and desire to work with each other has added to their successes throughout the playing season.

We have been involved in the “Girls Golf Rocks” initiative this year too, which is aimed at attracting new girls to the game of golf. We had taster sessions at which 70 youngsters had a go at golf in groups. 5-week coaching sessions were available and 43 girls went on to do this. Your funding has helped us to provide additional activities for our “Little Foxes” and I’m delighted to say we now have a healthy new generation of 20 youngsters, who are very keen to stay with us, work on their golf and importantly make new friends.

Our focus has been on growing the talent pool as well as continuing to develop our older players.

Girls of all ages and skill sets came together in September to enjoy a morning of skills challenges suitable for their current experience, followed by an afternoon on the course with our female Pro’s working closely with them and supporting them. The more senior girls were excellent role models for the youngsters and the youngsters were just thrilled to be alongside the “big girls”!!

Once again, many thanks for helping us continue our work at a time when other funding is diminishing. We appreciate it more than I can say.

Anita Higginson

President & CJO


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  1. Helen Buckingham

    We entered a Ladies team from Hinckley Golf Club for the first time this year and whilst we really enjoyed the competition, it was fantastic to see that the money received by Leicestershire and Rutland Girls was used to such good effect.
    Helen Buckingham,
    Former CJO Leics and Rutland LCGA and member of Hinckley Golf Club.

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