What did L&RLCGA do with your support?

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Last year my home club Kibworth was lucky enough- and skilled enough! – to win the ladies Taskers competition. I was thrilled for Kibworth and delighted that 2 L&R clubs were in the final.

The County Union & Association also received donations, again for the support and development of Junior golf in our County.

In November 2015 I became President of L&RLCGA.

I had witnessed the great fun and excitement the Kibworth ladies had experienced in making their way through the various rounds of the tournament. They had loved every minute and had made new friends along the way.

I was also aware of the £440 given to the Association and was determined to do what I could to help promote the Taskers events and to encourage more ladies sections in L&R to enter a team or two!! After all, why wouldn’t you want to have some competitive fun, and help raise money for the junior girls at the same time!!

So what did we do with the County funding?

We invited three lady professionals from our member clubs to join us and develop a coaching day for our up and coming youngsters – our Professionals were Katie Tebbet from Rothley Park GC, Zoe North from Lutterworth GC and Kym Larratt from Kibworth GC.

Why female Pro’s?

We felt that the opportunity to work with these three would not only provide excellent role models but would also be inspirational for our youngsters. All three Pro’s had played in Club and County golf and had progressed their careers in different ways from where our girls are now. Katie and Kym had even played on the Ladies European Tour.

And so this Summer a dozen youngsters enjoyed a whole day with Katie, Zoe and Kym. They had small group sessions in the morning on a variety of topics around the short game, and discussed issues such as preparation for a competition, warming up and risk reduction.

After lunch, armed with new thoughts and tips they played with the Pro’s who offered more help and advice on club selection, course management, how to play tricky shots – and most important of all – how to have fun and enjoy your game!

It has gone so well that we anticipate doing a similar event next year.

On behalf of the Association, thank you most sincerely for your generous donation. It was very much appreciated. Our girls have shown excellent growth throughout the playing year and you have helped us to help them. Thank you for putting so much back into the game.

I sincerely hope you have had even more ladies teams playing this year and that the tournament has been hugely successful again.

Well done to you all at Taskers- your organisation is terrific and your ethos is admired by us all. [As an ardent fan of this tournament I’m so sorry I can’t join you for your presentation evening!]

With very best wishes

Anita Higginson


Leicestershire & Rutland Ladies’ County Golf Association