Sheffield continues to develop top junior golf talent

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  • Junior Manager/ Honorary Treasurer Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs
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The Sheffield Union has always prided itself on the continued development of young golfers and the success can be measured in the presence of 3 of our junior players progressing to the Walker cup team this year, the Brabazon trophy winner, the Yorkshire Amateur Champion Josh Berry the success of the Union Junior 6 man team in winning the YIDU 2021 6 man team event. The individual reduction of the handicap and progression to success in the individual and team events and progression to county and national recognition are a barometer of the correct use of funding.

Yorkshire Amateur Champion Josh Berry

The support for junior golf (boys and girls) has always been of paramount importance to the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs and all funding is given to support this cause. Our continued support of local, union, regional, county and national individuals and team coaching has given us many young and talented players

We will use this year’s Taskers Trophy funding for individual and team 18 hole events for all junior sections to enter as well as many short course events for the complete beginner/higher handicap player. We will provide coaching and guidance to all and support these events with technical as well as personal attendance. Allowing golfers to compete at all levels not only develops their individual skills but also their personal inter action skills.

The development of players, Josh Berry, Ben Schmidt, Jack Whaley are an indication that funding from the Taskers Trophy is being channelled in the correct direction. The correct use of funding allied with hard work and dedication, not only at grass root level but also higher by players and coaches has brought the rewards .

To reach the pinnacle of playing in the Walker cup was achieved this year by a current junior golfer Ben Schmidt and two other Sheffield union recent juniors Alex Fitzpatrick and Barclay Brown of which we are rightly proud is all as a result of good coaching, natural ability and solid standards developed at an early age.

Alex Fitzpatrick and Barclay Brown

The progression and encouragement of the next generation, as well as the current players, will be a large part of our plans for the next 12 months with the introduction of a girl’s strokeplay competition to run alongside the boys in 2022

The furtherance of players from Union to County to National to International recognition is the demonstration of how our development of young players fits with the county development objectives We provide the individual with the right path for progression but do not interfere with any personal preference with regard to how or with whom this path is followed as sometimes the player is loyal to a particular coach.

Paul Hardstaff - Junior Manager/ Honorary Treasurer Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs

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