Supporting the Beginners Young Project in Yorkshire

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Previous Taskers Trophy funding helped support the 4 centres run across the county in delivering the Beginners Young project and helped reduce the shortfall incurred as a result. We ran 4 centres for a total of 31 girls from May until September delivering 8 hours of coaching to the beginners and used this, in turn, to select players with the potential to join our full coaching programme.

Without this Taskers Trophy funding, we would need to reduce our programme offered to U14-year-olds who are just starting out at grassroots level. We can provide more local centres and reduce the travelling in such a large County so instead of 4 centres we can introduce the 5th centre. Centres are now in North at Richmond Golf club, central at Leeds Golf centre Wike Ridge, East at The Oaks Golf club, Abbeydale Golf club in the South near Sheffield and Huddersfield Fixby Golf club in West. This means personal booklets can be provided for all participants to record their progress and take back to their home clubs in order to progress.

We have used the Taskers Trophy funding to provide assistance with

  1. Our beginners young centres for U14 year olds at grass roots level.
  2. Beginners young coaches can distribute personal progress booklets to help record progress on skills and take back to home club.
  3. In addition we intend to find new ways of encouraging young golfers to play competitively learning new formats. We also hope in 2022 to introduce a new Foursome competition which is an exciting addition to our programme

We are measuring our success of the funding

  • 5th centre reintroduction- Measured by more participants than previous years, less travel success indicators -an extra 12 girls
  • Production of personal progress booklet for Young players- measured by improved performance Success criteria -recommendation for full coaching programme
  • Introduction of New Foursomes competitions- measured by – Greater understanding of different formats Success- representation on County teams for higher handicaps

Our timeline for executing our junior golf plan is

  1. Full 5 centres set up by May 2022 at The Oaks (York), Wike Ridge(Leeds), Fixby(Huddersfield), Abbeydale(Sheffield) & Richmond Golf clubs
  2. Beginners Young organiser to begin production of Personal Progress booklets in March 2022 ready for distribution to 5 centres
  3. January 2022 venue for Foursomes booked at Whitby for 30th April 2022 and Registration open for January 26th 2022

This all supports our County Objectives- to provide accessible facilities for U14-year-olds and top-class coaching to new players and encouraging more girls into the sport of golf. To encourage the Women in Golf charter To increase the centres available across the County which reduces travel for the beginners.

We are currently forecasting a shortfall in our 2022 funding.

Karen Fellows - Yorkshire Ladies County Golf Association

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