Supporting Junior Success in Staffordshire

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The Taskers Trophy funding has always been used to support junior golfers in structured coaching be it individual or in a group. We have had much success over many years, from winning national junior team championships thorough to having the 2021 English U18 Open Championship champion Jenson Forrester of Walsall GC. Over the past few years hundreds of juniors have received funded coaching. It helps to improve them as golfers and hopefully encourages them to stay in the sport for life. The funding is always gratefully received, thank you.

We thank all the Staffordshire golf clubs who take place in the Taskers Trophy each year, the money that comes to us from them entering is very much appreciated and hopefully some of their junior golfers’ benefit. We also thank all the parents who are the taxi service in getting the juniors to coaching sessions. Hopefully year by year the structured coaching that we provide gets better with experience.

2021 English U18 Open Championship Champion Jenson Forrester of Walsall GC

Funding for junior golf helps support the opportunities to improve the abilities of junior golfers through professional coaching. Hopefully, county and club teams of junior golfers become stronger and that also leads to junior golfers building lifetime friendships that again will help keep juniors in the sport for life.

We organise junior coaching for U14/U16/U18 golfers, some of it is individual with their selected professional coaches and some of it is in groups with county professional coaches. The group coaching works on all aspects of a golfers game, from chipping to course work. The group work is carried out all year round and is found to promote team bonding and competitive practice.

All juniors that are in the age group squads have their World Handicap Index recorded at the start of a year, and it is monitored for improvement during the year. We also look at what county championships, regional championships and national championships our most talented junior play in and what they achieve. We would expect to see a junior players handicap index go lower during the year, because of the professional coaching each is receiving. We also monitor skills tests in the group coaching and test the player several times per year to monitor progress.

Winter coaching will take place between October and March, this will mainly be group coaching. Summer coaching will take place between April to September and this will be a mixture of individual and group coaching.

The main objective is to develop junior golfers, some are in the early stages of their golfing life and some are talented juniors who can use this funding to assist their journey to become even better golfers who may go on to become professional golfers by providing structured coaching. Our other objectives are to get winning teams, who as a group can achieve success in junior leagues and national junior team championships.

Malcolm Eustace - County Secretary Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs

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